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Finding the story

“It’s the place to begin, always — to return to home, literally.” – Wole Soyinka

Finding the Story.

An idea for a play can come from anywhere. The important thing is to seek it out and not to  wait for it to land like a great weight from the sky. An idea needs to be nurtured and allowed to take shape in whatever form it emerges.

Task: Think of a journey you made within the last week. It could be the journey to work or college or a trip into town to meet someone. It should be a journey which lasted about 20 mins or more.  It doesn’t matter if its a journey you make every day but try to focus on how it was on that particular day.

Write a list of ten things that you saw. heard or did along the way. The last one in the sequence should be you reaching your destination.

These are your ten plot points. Now you are going to choose a point in the sequence and insert three fictional plot points or events. remember that they don’t have to be earth shattering events – they just introduce a new element. Add these new elements to the list.

Introduce a second character to witness one or more of the new elements and add him/her to the sequence. make sure that the sequence still ends with you arriving at your destination.

  • Write down three things that might happen next.
  • Write an account of what the other character witnessed from their point of view.
  • Write a short dialogue between any two characters which feature in the story – no matter how minor their role in it.

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