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“RANDOM” – go see

There’s a “must see” on the horizon in 2010. I could feel my heart starting to race when I saw that Debbie Tucker Green’s “Random” is being toured by the Royal Court. There aren’t many times I”ve sat in the theatre and felt such a physical response to language – an experience I would associate more with music than with a theatre script.

I think she is one of the best writers in the country but her work is rarely available to audiences outside London. “Random” is a great example of her writing. It’s just 50 minutes long and when I saw it, I was gutted when it finished. The combination of Nadine Marshall’s performance and Debbie Tucker Green’s writing is quite breathtaking. She is a ground breaking artist. I have often played extracts of her radio plays to play writing students. The room is usually divided in their response and a lively discussion ensues. There is always one person in the room who says, “I couldn’t really see the point of radio drama until I heard that”.

“Random” is at Birmingham Rep in the new year and will presumably be at other regional theatres as well but I’m not sure where else you can catch it. If you hear of any other venues please let us know.


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