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Winners announced – Peter Wolff Theatre Trust supports the Whiting Award

Ben Jancovich, chair of the judges said:

From a longlist of 29 plays the five judges Tony Clarke, James Dacre, Stella Feehily, Peter Petralia and Duska Radosavljevic narrowed the list down to a long shortlist of 12, which formed the basis of the judging meeting. Two very different plays emerged as strong favourites, each having equally strong and powerful advocates. Perhaps it is a testimony to the confident diversity of styles and approaches at work in contemporary British theatre writing that try as they might, the judges couldn’t chose between the poetic beauty of a character based human drama and the audacious, subversion of form and rejection of conventional narrative in the other. It wasn’t an argument about new or old theatre, but what theatre is, who it is for, and what it can aspire to be. Stuck in its passionate disagreements, the panel decided that rather than look for a compromise play, or force through one winner, they should honour both traditions and both writers and split the award.  It’s not unknown for the old John Whiting Award to decide to do this but it hasn’t happened since Peter Wolff’s involvement.

So the Judging panel decided to award the 2010 prize jointly to Tim Crouch for The Author and Lucy Kirkwood for it felt empty when the heart went at first but it is alright now.

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