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To task: exercises to help you get writing

These tasks are exercises which are designed to get you writing. They are not a step by step guide to writing a play. They should be fun and satisfying tasks and will hopefully give you some interesting material which you might want to develop into a scene or the opening of a piece of theatre. Remember that theatre making and play writing is about writing and re-writing so when you hit on something that excites you – write as much as you can and then keep developing it –  reviewing and revising it as you go.

The creative tasks are a mixture which we would use in workshops and classes. We acknowledge a variety of sources for these tasks including Noel Greig’s excellent book Playwriting: A Practical Guide which is published by Routledge, and Stans Cafe Theatre Company’s City Adventure tasks.

Task one: Starting to write

Task two: Creating Characters

Task three: Finding the Story

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