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Scratch: opportunity for writers #neat11


At Nottingham European Arts and Theatre festival, Theatre Writing Partnership brings you Momentum as you’ve never seen it before… SCRATCH!

Calling all theatre writers… this is it – your chance to hear your five minute script read by actors at Nottingham Playhouse to a live audience.

This is not an event for the faint hearted!  We will select 10 scripts to be presented at Scratch Night 1 read by a company of actors. The audience will vote for their favourite five scripts and the chosen writers will be asked to develop their idea into a ten minute play which we will present to the audience a week later at Scratch Night 2. 

Up for it? Send your five minute scene or short play to Theatre Writing Partnership by Tuesday 3 May 2011. 

Make sure your scripts are five minutes long. We will stop each reading once five minutes is up and the bell goes!

Writers and theatre-goers alike: put these dates in your diary to experience the fast and furious of fresh ideas. Wednesday 1 June 7pm and Wednesday 8 June 7pm in the Playroom at Nottingham Playhouse.

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