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To Nottingham from Priština

The first of four sites that will make up When you whisper, I imagine… was revealed on Monday to Arian Krasniqi, from Priština, Kosovo. Andy and Arian waxed lyrical about their respective cities and writing careers, and mused on ‘A city without a river’ Arian’s monologue, which was written in response to Andy’s clues about Royal Centre tram stop.
‘A city without a river’ was read enigmatically by Rachel Smith, directed by Kate Chapman and expertly recorded and mixed by Adam McCready and you can listen here.
Theatre Writing Partnership are continuing to make this city-based sound experience through NEAT11 so keep your eyes and ears peeled for further installments and prepare for our guided walks on Thursday 9 June at 4pm and Sunday 12 June at 2pm – the first opportunity to listen to the tracks in situ and as a collection. Places are limited on the tours, so book them, for free, in advance.
A reading of Arian’s first play, Six, is reviewed here.

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