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When you whisper, I imagine… is LIVE!

After a frenzied fortnight of brilliant theatre and a very tight recording and editing schedule, Nottingham Playhouse and Theatre Writing Partnership are delighted to bring you When you whisper, I imagine…

You can either listen online over here or you can download the tracks below – ‘Alt’ click (PC) or ‘Ctrl’ click (Mac) on the track name and select ‘Save Target As’ (PC) or ‘Save Link As’ (Mac) from the menu. A map of the route can be found here.

ROYAL CENTRE TRAM STOP featuring A city without a river by Arian Krasniqi

MARKET SQUARE featuring Alien by Laura Lomas

YE OLDE TRIP TO JERUSALEM featuring Crossroad – on my way to Abbey Road by Neda Radulovic

HOTEL BRITANNIA LOBBY featuring In front of the Hotel Bulgaria by Georgi Gospodinov

Commissioned by Nottingham Playhouse for NEAT11, with huge thanks to the team that put this together:

Creative directors: Andy Barrett and Kate Chapman
Sound designer: Adam McCready
Producers: Kate Chapman and Bianca Winter
Performers: Sophie Ellerby, Tim Evans, Beth Shouler and Rachel Smith

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