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Developing work with developing/new makers

Issue: developing work with new/developing makers

Convener(s): Richie Garton and Gareth Morgan

Participants: Beth Shouler, Ollie Smith, Tilly Branson, Kristy Guest, Nathan Miller, Dominic Shaw, Amanda Driver, Imogen Joyce, Rachel ?, Alison ?, Hannah Stone, Paul Warwick

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

This is something we would aim at creatives that are at perhaps ‘rung 2’ of their development having done some early talent identification schemes (TWP young writers, internships etc.) and developed their practice themselves via University, community performance etc. and wanting to take the next step with a network of like-minded people.
We don’t have any money – only naivety, enthusiasm and idealism
We aren’t keen to look at funding until down the line

Idea exegesis
Open submission for ideas from creative people (writers to start with)
Meet with writers who submit and discuss ideas and a route forward
Small gathering of writer, facilitators, director (?) and actors to read the piece round the table and discuss over food
This to move into a rehearsal and open reading day with audience of creatives and general public to give honest critical feedback after the sharing

Alison: What about devised/visual work?? We do need more of everything for developing creatives but is there a lab environment for these people/makers??
Perhaps this process can open up to creatives with this working practice to create/play/show.

Beth: This is true of directors too!
We should find a way to make this project a tool for all aspects of the creative spectrum – writer/devisor/performer/director/maker/dramaturg… (inexhaustible list)

This should be a ‘Show + Tell’ for creatives to share something that is still early stage – not finished, still an idea – but is at a level that an open sharing with audience would further the project’s goals
Is this creating a network/collective which can scratch and contribute?
YES – perhaps….
It’s aiming to be a mechanism/network for getting something out there that would benefit from being shared in that way
Audience feedback – peer reviewing
The feedback from peers can be flawed/over nice/censored and those further up the creative food chain can give insights which aren’t within the grasps of emerging artists.
However, are we at a stage where this inter-generational working is ready to be pursued? This project is not aiming at having producers and venues coming to watch and commission. We hope we get to working with more experienced theatre artists/pros in time.
How do we, when at this level, get these experienced people in and willing??
Swapping of skills/space/experiences/resources

What are the next steps?
We should make an East Mid’s community of artists that are wanting to try these ideas and workshop their things.
If these support structures aren’t there artists are at risk of looking and moving elsewhere and out of the region for projects which exist – Escalator to Edinburgh, Pilot, Fermament, Northern Stage
We do accept there are some projects – Step Up=New Pers. Play=Corby Cube+R&D – but we need more and locally!
Collaboration and Community not Competition

Next Steps….?
Create the first small network and ask for submissions
Meet these people, if interested, and make some work

An emerging/developing/new network and creative common-space that makes connections with the local emerging creative ecology to test ideas in a ‘space’ – This is a community not a beauty contest
Lovely Paul: Pilot – the rolling co-pilot role with new programmers for each session of the programme. Not clique orientated.
Pilot Lite: An open platform for ideas at early stage
Not aimed at commissions – just a sounding board!

Where in the ‘ladder’ is this aimed/where is this process?
Where will this development lead?
How to link with similar events / pass work on?

Positioning the project is important – stick to your guns and do what you aim to do but don’t overstretch too soon!
Needs of creatives: Projects like Mate’s House (sharing platform for ideas/skills) or On Call (established artists giving advise to new creatives)

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