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Young People

Issue: Young people

Convener(s): Dani

Participants: Ria, Trina, Kelly, Ric, and others

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

What do we do to support young writers and theatre makers in the region?
Is the model of young writer’s groups enough to support young people interested in creating plays?
What is the difference between grassroots work and more professional development for young people?
what exists already in the region – talked about Young Company at Curve which supports actors, young entrepreneurs, and young producers and technicians but NOT writers. And talked about Royal and Derngate and The Core in Corby working together to apply for money for a grassroots scheme to support young theatre makers and writers in Northamptonshire. Also about uk young artists and the Olympic programme.

We talked about the role of Writing East Midlands within this too – will they support theatre writers?
Kelly – a student talked about not always wanting or feeling confident enough to join a scheme or a project. Trina and Dani talked about more ad hoc sessions/projects such as 24 hour plays or script surgeries.
Contact universities and schools to let young people to know about opportunities.
Chris talked about PLAY – programme at Corby to support artists in a drop in way one sunday a month.


Dani to investigate whether venues – leicester, northampton and corby maybe others join together to offer an open east midlands forum for writers and young theatre makers – maybe once every 6 months rotating venues in turn for students to drop in and have chats an script surgeries and talk to us about opportunities.
us all to think about opportunities to offer mentoring support for writers
Chris to look at Script works in Northwest – look at this as a model for East Midlands.
Look at whether we can join up aim to support emerging theatre makers with the idea and plan of forming a way to support young companies (see group led by esther about new talent)

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