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Earning a living vs. Taking a risk

Issue: Earning a living Verses taking risks and developing

Convener(s): Elli Mackenzie

Participants: Richard, Geof, Matt Green, Lizzie Watt, Dan Edwards, Angela Truby, Leon Williams, Georgia Munnian

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We are all taking risks by being in and surviving in the arts world.
The organisation/person with the most control in a situation is the one who is most flexible.
There are lots of stigmas in the business`;
Funded organisations/non funded organisations
Organisations who use volunteers and are not full time/full time organisations who pay their artists and participants
Theatres have a remit to put on work so work with them with regard to audience research and marketing to enhance development and get bookings
Although one may not earn a fantastic amount think about what positive one is bringing to ones family and responsibilities in terms of life experience and thinking
Don’t be a victim!

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