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Where are there spaces for emerging companies and artists to make/rehearse/perform work?


Convener(s): Tilly Branson

Participants: Kristy, Ollie, Martin, Gareth, Richie, Ashley, Hannah, Beth

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

There is lots of demand for space in the East Midlands and seems to be a particular black hole in Nottingham
Looking elsewhere, there are lots of regions where venues provides spaces for emerging artists & companies – whether just a room or through residency schemes which offer mentorship, support in developing work and/or access to resources. More residencies needed in East Midlands!
Northern Stage – different residency schemes and Spare Room scheme offering weekly update on unbooked space to a list of registered companies in the region. Steph Sirr at Playhouse hopefully looking into setting this up in Nottingham.
Other schemes elsewhere include unused buildings/warehouses etc being used as office and studio space for artists – some with small weekly fee for electricity, internet etc
Importance of community, collaboration and cross-fertilisations that come out of artists sharing spaces
Artists and companies need to go and knock on doors of theatres and councils and ask for what they want, and persuade how it can be mutually beneficial
Can also approach pubs to use function rooms – Grovesnor in Nottingham has been used successfully by Gramophones
Artists/companies interested in office space and resources as well as rehearsal/performance space. Photocopying!
Can we use a network similar to Spirit Nottingham to share information about spaces (and other resources/skills available)? Or a blog linked to facebook and twitter?
Lots of enthusiasm for community skills share/swap – mutually beneficial arrangements where money doesn’t have to change hands – eg we do some community workshops/help you paint a room and get to rehearse there for free – especially for theatres who have space but not enough funding to give it away for free
Theatres that have funding have a responsibility to their regions/communities to invest in emerging artists. Don’t want people to start leaving the region.
Various spaces/opportunities upcoming at Derby Theatres? – have a space (Laughter House in Derby) and are open to offers about skills shares/swaps in exchange for use of it
The discussion overlapped with lots of other conversations today about support and space for emerging artists and companies in the region – there is demand!

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