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Where are the artistic life lines?

Issue: Where are the artistic life lines?

Convener(s): Ava Hunt

Participants: Ava, Julie Wilkinson, Rick Hall, Nick Wood, Wendy (Red Earth), Laura (Arts Council), Jules (Writer)

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

There has never been any career planning – you only make sense of your career by looking back on your CV.
You survive a career in the arts by having RESILIENCE = the capacity to tolerate ambiguity and confusion.
Americans have a career in the films, the Brits have passions – recognizing the differences in American tv and writer led projects can survive without subsidy because the mass market – size of population – Britain needs subsidy in order to produce artistic product because of the smaller market.
So where are the career life lines in East Midlands?
The role that organizations such as British Theatre Consortium can have in relation to networking across regions.
Actors create continuity and build audiences and a sense of community.
If you cut the TIE/Community Theatre provision then eventually there are no audiences for ANY theatre – The Reps will suffer for audiences without this infrastructure theatre will die.
However, we can START AGAIN!! We can rebuild community theatre, participation, creating theatre that has relevance to audiences, that speaks to audiences, that audiences feel that the theatre reflects their passions, their dreams, their politics – the relationship between audiences and producing theatres are symbiotic.

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