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Issue: Showcases

Convener(s): Iain Gillie

Participants: Martin, Rhiannon, Depi M, Darren Furnace, Chris Holt, Alison, Dan Edwards, Lesley. Paul Warwick, Michaela, Laura White

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Showcases are all very well, but what does anyone gain from them.
As a venue it’s a good thing to do to fill a night’s programming and pretty cheap to present, for a company or artist presenting their work it is a much bigger event, requires a lot of work and in order to make it worth while really needs to provide at least an opportunity for the artist to further develop their work or indeed secure some bookings.
After much discussion round the value of showcases and some examples of where showcases work, Paul Warwick discussed his BITE festival which is basically a West Midlands showcase festival which is forming a larger part of the west midlands theatre landscape each year.
It was felt that we should look into recreating this model in the east midlands.
Iain and Michaella will discuss this locally in Leicester and further with Paul Warwick and come up with a proposal to present to other arts organisations within the east midlands.
Laura White will help co-ordinate a meeting and is open to discuss funding opportunities.

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