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How can we develop mutually beneficial partnerships?

Issue: how can we develop mutually beneficial partnerships

Convener(s): Angharad Jones


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Relationships are important- partnerships are born form this. A partnership is long-term
noted that this issue is more important than has been  previously  and that creatives are working to support the change
A need for a forum to meet groups and individuals from a range of bodies/structures?
Suggestion of a breakfast meeting where people can come together
Networks should be interfacing with other  structures/sectors- could there be a main point of contact within sectors for this
-discussed the need for more effective dissemination of information – e.g. who, what where
– mentioned that it is more difficult to talk with local authorities- artists now need to look at LA  strategic outcomes and take a more corporate approach – is this right?
Local authorities focus on crime prevention and health/wellbeing
Value for money- important to be able to demonstrate this e.g the sharing project- being able to demonstrate how investing now leads to reduced costs for authorities in the future
-need to put value on (evidence) maybe through statistics
– a warning that maintaining partnerships can be difficult/destructive

-how do we create collaborations locally- partners need to think out of the box  and the industry about who potential partners are e.g universities.
Co-productions- why do we do it /want it? : financial benefit (sharing costs if doing it together), expertise, access to skills.
– funding- income diversification is now a necessity and a reality

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