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Work that crosses traditional boundaries of form

Issue: Work that crosses traditional boundaries of form

Convener(s): Chris Sudworth

Cathy Grindrod, Lesley Emery, Geoff Caldwell, Alison Garner, Jayne Lewis, Rachael Young, Dan Edwards, Kevin Fegan, Esther Richardson, Nathan (Hatch)

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:
Where are the spaces for artists to go to experiment and explore? (Initially, but not exclusively, with new technologies) Where do we find the right people?
Play (last Sunday of the month at The Core, Corby) offers FREE creative space on a drop in basis from 1pm-5.30pm for artists to come together and collaborate
It was felt that if other venues could offer something similar it would be appreciated.
Nathan (Hatch) said there had been a suggestion from one of his collaborators that an email list could be set up where venues could tell a central point (could this be EMTAC – on a Thursday what  empty space they had available for artists to use the following week. Artists would then contact the venue on a first come first served basis to book it.

There was a conversation about whether there could be some way of drawing together the various initiatives around the region so people were aware of the region-wide opportunities for sharing and showcasing new work. Could this link to the Midlands Made or Showcase discussions and the actions in those conversations?
There was the observation that waves / movements of ‘the new’ move in cycles. Also that the people making ‘the new’ are not likely to be the people already engaged with the arts. In this time, is something ‘new’ because of the technology or medium that it uses? Is something ‘new’ by the context it is made or presented in?
Observation that as you mature as an artist you bring all your experience (including if you were part  of an ‘original’ wave) and bring it to what you make now to make your ‘new’. It’s not just about doing something new because it’s new.

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