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New work in New places with New partners

Issue: New Work in New Places with New Partners

Convener(s): Rick and Ava

Ellie and Lizzie and many others in spirit

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

1 What is the connection/relevance of these thoughts and ideas to the CDQ (central divergent question)
2 in order to do this work (ie in other non-theatre spaces) aims have to be shared and respected (but not diluted)
3 and artists need to be adequately recompensed
4 intense audience (and/or spectateur) experiences that are multi-sensory can be generated (but numbers may be small)
5 how about working with partners such as Groundwork, Natural England, Woodland Trust, Wellcome, Royal Institution, Tate, Mental Health Foundation, National Trust, RSA, Barnardos,
6 and in venues like Vicar Water Country Park, Derby Silk Mill, Nottingham Lace Market (Andy’s Threads)

Appendix on other topics

The relationship between art/theatre and well-being
These events (like today) are designed to pacify us… ‘we are the Arts Council for today’ – but neutered
To what extent should we turn to the university sector to subsidise (rescue) theatre?

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