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International working

Issue: International working

Convener(s): Michaela Butter

Participants: Julian Hanby, Kevin Faga,Dominic Shaw, Trina Malden, Depi Mancopoulan, Stephen Mclaren, Nick wood, Georgia Muanion

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Need to break out of insular thinking and recognise that UK is part of a wider Europe…..there are opportunities for funding and partnerships but we need to be seen at the main networking events in Mainland Europe.  Need to argue that attending events internationally can be cheaper than going to London for the day!
There is a general lack of knowledge about European artist networks and funding.
working interationally can add vibrancy and profile to a venue/town – NEAT festival good example – good showcasing opportunity, energised artists who attended, created buzz in City and attracted additional funding not normally available.

Key actions
EMTAC to organise international themed day – request from ACE to fund Geoffrey Brown from EUCLID to come and talk about funding opportunities also potential of organisation like Improbable Theatre/Flying Panda talking about working abroad
Do Web based research into key networks – IETI, IETM, Inter-cult, BJCEM, Raizi-EU, RES ARTIS – potential to set up consortia to join or individual membership?
Look for Showcases to show your work – British Council at edinburgh, Caravan at Brighton Festival, APAM (Adelaide fringe festival with performing arts market showcae)
Good model Improbable Theatre – spent own money to go to New York timed with APAP association of performing arts presenters hired 60 seat thetre and shwcased their work
Think out of the box – maybe film work and try to tour this, and/or look at potential of commissiioning set in situ rather than trying to tour it too
Look out for other international opportunities – Finland Summer School, Middle Eastern development fund, Univeristy of Teheran
Good work does not need surtitles – English now spoken across the world
Make leap of imagination – you can make international happen yourself dont wait just to be discovered!

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