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Bigger audiences

Issue: Bigger Audiences

Convener(s): Ava Hunt

Participants: Rick Hall, Lizzie Watt, Ellie (Odd Socks)

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:
The intention behind the convening of this subject of “Bigger Audiences?” was to open up a discussion around the pressure on theatres/theatre companies to demonstrate “success” by box office receipts and therefore audience numbers verses artistic/critical success indicators.  This was only a very short discussion at the end of multiple changes in the group size a brief summary was : that bigger audiences don’t necessarily protect the funding of a company’s work.  Box office success can be achieved but how do you make this sustainable?  Discussion about the role of education/out reach/community participation, ticket prices, programming that is both challenging and provides access high quality theatre then ensued but was cut short due to lack of time…..

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