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What can we do next?

Issue: What can we do next?

Convener(s): Laura White

Participants: Sorry I forgot to write these down

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We talked about a number of things but I think the one immediate and deliverable action was to send an email to everyone who has been here today to ask if anyone would like to be part of a steering group to start to take some of the actions from today forward (comparable to the Midpoint group in the West Mids).  (LW to talk to TWP about how we do this)

Things we talked about:
How do we keep these conversations going?
How do we best use existing forums such as EMTAC and EMPAF?
University sector is a major part of the theatre sector, so how can we better connect with this?
Need for open and honest conversations between buildings and theatre creators
Notion that Arts Council places an emphasis on national profile rather than regional profile.

And many other things too which I haven’t managed to capture

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