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What is shit/’low quality’ theatre?

Issue: What makes shit (low-quality) theatre

Convener(s): Phil Coggins (Babbling Vagabonds)

Participants: 8 – 10

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

How is ‘high quality’ measured, are there clearer guidelines? Who assigns the ‘gatekeepers’ and what are their guidelines? Can theatre quality be measured quantitively? – Can it be satisfied by a tick box?
What are ACE’s guidelines?
We need greater transparency from Arts Council England about what constitutes ‘High Quality’.Can we have a forum/meeting with ACE to clarify this?
What do other regions do that is different from the companies in the east midlands (low quality bids)
We defined low quality theatre as:
poor productions standards, poor equipment, poor performers, not thought out, No connection between Audience/Performer.

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  1. Hench-4
    Posted October 1, 2011 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    What about relevance to the subsection of people the play is meant to appeal to. What about relevance to now. What about the mix of entertainment with thought provacation. What about the mix of commercial and boundary pushing. What encourages a new generation into theatre and what scares them away. What keeps the old generation and what stops them. When does theatre teach and when does it lecture. Has psycology got anything to add. Are writers, performers, directors, … being nurtured or expected to appear fully formed. There are deeper answers than ‘poor whatever’ is to blame.

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