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What do writers need to know?

Issue: What do writers need to know?

Convener(s): Cathy

Participants:  5-8

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Where is the general support for writers?
Getting work seen and getting producers interested.

Money- further down the line this is what writers want.
if companies produce more work by a writer they can come up with a royalty arrangement.

Nottm. Arts Theatre’s resident company, People’s theatre
-voluntary organization, work at Arts Theatre
How do writers engage with companies?
-Approach companies- find out their infrastructure
-Do they have a specialist for assessing scripts?

Difficulties in knowing the companies
-the sensibilities of those who run it.
-knowing the right person to contact.
-introductions can be facilitated by other organizations such as twp

But before all that, we have the issue of getting work into a viewable state.
-penetrating ‘cliques’ of certain organizations

Issue of overwriting
-you need to let go of the script.
-you have to let directors and actors make certain choices
-rewrites can take place as rehearsals progress
-plays are not meant to be read

Groups to take on plays and arrange readings with actors would be useful to writers
-At the 2nd draft stage, bring in actors and ‘play’
-can also be seen as an extended audition for actors
-gives writers confidence

Writers at different stages have different needs
-many are just happy to develop their work by having it read.
-and feedback
-some may want a formal arrangement with a company

Taking on new writing is a risky proposition for theatres- such as Nott. Playhouse
-risky to commit to extended runs of new work.

Pomegranate theatre in Chesterfield
-supports new writing
-writing festivals etc.
Organisations like this are good to know.
-understanding the climate is important.

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