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What is the point of new work?

Issue: What is the point of new work?

Convener(s): Pete Meakin

Participants: Ria Ashcroft, Richard Pinner, Will Morris, Wendy Rouse, plus numerous others who joined later

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

To appreciate the value of new work, imagine a world without any new work. What would we be missing?
New work nurtures the development of all artists involved, not just the writers/creators/etc.
New work avoids stagnation
New work should provide the freedom to fail and the opportunity to find achievements within a project which might be deemed a “failure”
New work provides the opportunity to respond creatively to the current environment
Every play, including all of the established repertoire, was at one time new work
Old work can also be new work
New work can enable a totality of response to a current issue
New work does not necessarily mean poor box office
The best new work has always taken the art form, as well as artists and audiences, forward
Some of the most successful recent new work has taken theatre out of theatre buildings
The best new work involves novelty and promiscuity
People like the “specialty” of encountering new work in new spaces
People want theatre to be live
New work helps generate new audiences for theatre
New work can find new approaches to “classic” work
New work can help us re-think the traditional use of a theatre
New immersive theatre should explore and exploit connections between the content of the piece and the environment within which it occurs
New work should be genuinely new, not mere gimmicky
Part of the point of new work is to develop people in the crafts of making new work

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