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Making Tracks


Theatre Writing Partnership (TWP) is looking to light the touch paper under another raft of great new theatre shows by offering a bursary, which will allow theatre writers or theatre writers and their collaborators to make a journey that will inform a new piece of work. In offering this bursary during these lean times we hope to support theatre writers and those who work with them by meeting the costs or some of the costs of a research trip which they wouldnʼt otherwise be able to make.
The journey may or may not be to a distant place. The route or means of transport may be more important than the destination. The destination may be a source of research, or the making of the journey could be an experiential research process in itself. If journeying presents a particular physical or emotional challenge then addressing this challenge may be at the heart of your proposal.

Full details will be released on this site on Friday 14th October 2011 and the closing date is the 13th November 2011.

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