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Hello friends and colleagues,


The Gramophones are very excited to announce that they will be attempting to make a journey from Lands End to John o’Groats using as many different forms of transport as is humanly possible. This will be for research and development for a new piece of theatre ‘End to End’ 
We will limit ourselves to just 18 days to complete the journey. This is the average number of days it has taken world record breakers on ALL different forms of transport to make this journey (according to Wikipedia). 
We want to gather as many followers as we can, so please follow our project on our website

Although we have the wonderful support from Theatre Writing Partnership’s Making Tracks bursary, we are still need a wee bit more cash to make the journey possible. It would be fantastic if you could help make this unusual and daring journey possible by pledging a five pound boat, a ten pound boat or whatever you can afford! Pledge here…

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