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We recommend these courses with the fantastic Ola Animashawun

Concise and precise, weekend Creative Writing Workshops for people with the passion, drive and desire to write but not the time or space to sit down and get it down on the page. 

‘We all have a novel or a play or a film inside us struggling to get out, yet few of us ever get around to starting work on it. That’s where Euphoric Ink and their writing courses can help you to take the first steps.’ Allan McLaughlin, Journalist (50 Connect, Older is Wiser) 

From where to start and what story to tell, to how to structure it with fully rounded believable characters. 

Euphoric Ink has over 25 years of experience – inspiring and guiding people through the process of bringing their stories to life on the page and for the stage. 
We run weekend playwriting courses in a relaxed and friendly environment, inviting aspiring writers to draw on their own personal experience to get those creative juices to flow. 

Euphoric Ink believes in keeping things simple, whilst always having fun. So no early mornings. No late finishes. Everything is taken care of: food, drinks, writing materials, and yes, even chocolate. 

The next weekend course is in London on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March 2012. 
For more information, including how to book your place, click here to visit our website, or

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