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Twelve Little Objects of Hope

This April Nottingham based writer and performer Andy Barrett will be travelling by train to Pristina where he will meet with twelve writers from Kosovo. Once there he will hand over twelve objects to this group of writers and tell the stories attached to them. These will be stories of hope. In return he will be given twelve objects from the writers in Pristina, also containing stories of hope, which he will bring back to the East Midlands.

Andy is now looking for the twelve objects and stories to take with him. If you are a writer and you are based in the East Midlands then he would like to hear from you. These objects must be small. If they are valuable to you and you wish them to be returned they can be photographed, and the image of the object will instead be handed over. The objects must have a story contained within or around it that has a real connection with hope; this may be personal, it may be political, or it may be somewhere inbetween.

These stories and objects will either be collected in person by Andy, or can be received by post or email with a story attached to it – either in text form or as an audio recording. The stories that are shared in Pristina may go on to form part of a performance that is created from this journey and this exchange. All those who share their objects and stories will be invited to meet up to hear the stories that have been received, in return, from Pristina. The hope is that this journey is the beginning of a relationship between writers here in the East Midlands and in Kosovo.

If you would like to contribute to this process then please contact Andy to discuss what happens next – / 07986 594395 – by Monday March 19th.  

This project has been funded by Theatre Writing Partnership and is part of the Making Tracks Project –

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