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Category Archives: Go and see

For Posterity – NEAT11

NEAT 11 Andy Barrett’s Threads Available from Friday 27 May | Continuing throughout NEAT Threads is a free audio walk for audiences to enjoy in their free time during NEAT.  Using the buildings and history of the Lace Market area of Nottingham, Threads leads the listener through an encounter between two people who have nothing […]

Bodies in the Library: time’s ticking

The closure of the Central Library is Birmingham is approaching quickly – some of the floors are due to close sometime in July – so there’s more reason than ever to have a wander around to appreciate the radical design. Writing West Midlands are offering one more afternoon during which you can hire an mp3 […]

To Nottingham from Priština

The first of four sites that will make up When you whisper, I imagine… was revealed on Monday to Arian Krasniqi, from Priština, Kosovo. Andy and Arian waxed lyrical about their respective cities and writing careers, and mused on ‘A city without a river’ Arian’s monologue, which was written in response to Andy’s clues about Royal […]

Ears Wide Open: Bodies in the Library

Launched last year in February, Ears Wide Open has now reached the stage of production. Next week, we’ll be recording Sibyl Ruth’s Bodies in the Library and we’ll be testing it in Birmingham Central Library a few weeks later.   Bodies in the Library is a poetic and evocative audio journey exploring the past and […]

Young Writer Louise Singleton in Conversation

Louise drew us a picture for Stakes and Ladders, her play for this year’s Momentum festival. Stakes and Ladders is about the cut-throat world of big business today and how the fat-cats see their employees purely as tools for their own self advancement rather than as real human beings with families, mortgages and aspirations. The […]

New Perspectives present Andy Barrett’s ‘Dolly’

DOLLY By Andy Barrett The cloning meets country and western musical! Crammed with Dolly Parton classics played by a live on-stage band, this drama adds a touch of showbiz to the story of Dolly the Sheep! Written by award-winning Nottingham-based writer Andy Barrett (The Day That Kevin Came and Garage Band) and starring the one and […]

Crossovers Writer Cathy Grindrod in Conversation

In writing Always in the Afternoon, the biggest thing for me, and one of the main reasons for applying to be part of Crossovers, was it being a new challenge. I’ve been a poet for over 10 years now, concentrating both on publishing my own writing and my work in literature development and tutoring. Playwriting […]

Eastern Angles are making a big noise at the Hush House – Entertainment – East Anglian Daily Times

via Check out the buzz surrounding Eastern Angles new show ‘Bentwater Roads’:…

Gareth Morgan interviews MICHAEL EATON

Michael Eaton, writer of the forthcoming Nottingham Playhouse production Families of Lockerbie, is a Nottingham based, award winning dramatist. His most recognisable and famous work has been in writing for television including drama-documentaries like Why Lockerbie?, Shoot To Kill and Shipman whilst his critically acclaimed film Fellow Traveller, about a blacklisted screenwriter in 1950s Hollywood writing a […]

Penny Dreadful – catch it tonight!

Derby Theatre Studio launch… Wednesday 5 May, 7-9pm As part of this mini-festival of new writing at the Studio, Theatre Arts at Derby, in partnership with the Writers Guild of GB, present:  Penny Dreadful – a theatrical reading of Richard Pinner’s black comedy about the controversial, final chapter of Charles Dickens’ life.  In the year […]