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Momentum 2011


Always in the Afternoon by Cathy Grindrod
Tuesday 20 September | 7.00pm | Derby Guildhall

Cathy’s play, Always in the Afternoon, is the story of four women – all related directly by birth, but not all known to one another. It is a tale of cuckoos, the 1960s, adoption, identity, and what happens when individuals face responsibility for their feelings and actions, and for each other. It is the story of many, told through letters, statistics, and through the experiences of a single family.

The Road from Baardheere by Marilyn Ricci
Wednesday 21 September | 7.00pm | Derby Guildhall

The Road From Baardheere#focuses on the civil war in Somalia which has raged for twenty years. In 1991, Arwo and her son, Nadif, are forced to flee Mogadishu as mayhem follows the fall of the government, clan warfare breaks out and their clothing shop is reduced to rubble. The violence and chaos of the road sees them desperate to find a place of safety, struggling to survive. Twenty years later, Qamaasha and Samawade, who managed to flee to the West, have their own problems – dealing with a rebellious teenager, local yobs and, of course, damage and loss from the past, guilty secrets – in particular an incident on the road from Baardheere.

Friday 23 September | 10.00am | Derby Guildhall

Calling writers, performers, directors, producers, designers, technicians, marketeers, dramaturgs and managers: this is your chance to raise questions and seek answers; to shape the future of theatre in the region; to make your voice heard.

You are invited to join us for one day in Open Space addressing the above question and ANY related issues. This is a great opportunity for the theatre and performing community to gather and work on what could be improved; the things that we are passionate about and the things we wish were different. The event will be facilitated by Nick Sweeting from Improbable who have a pioneered the use of Open Space within the UKʼs artistic community. This is an event for everybody with a passion for theatre in the East Midlands – you bring the agenda and you start the discussion, weʼll provide the space and the fuel to keep the conversation flowing.

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